How to make a claim with Customer Protect Warranties

Simple to use:

  • No phone calls
  • Response within the hour
  • Fast payments

Where the vehicle is drivable, take your car to your chosen repairer and get them to diagnose the fault. Your dealer or repairer must obtain approval for the work via iClaim to agree the claim and costs. Ask that they log on to our web-based iClaim system.

Customer Protect online system - iClaim

Ask the repairer to create a login, although they may already have one. This will take them no more than a couple of minutes and any future claims can be made with us via this simple system. iClaim not only removes the need for phone calls but also simplifies the claims process, makes invoicing us quick and ensures payments will be settled directly into their account. If the repairer needs help with iClaim they should visit

Next give the repairer this information:

  1. Your vehicle registration
  2. Your postcode
  3. Your surname
  4. Current vehicle mileage
  5. Nature of the claim
  6. Copies of any servicing you may have had